Knowledge is Key for Building a Sustainable Business.

At the Brenda J. Smith Company, we believe that knowledge is key for building a business. Through employer education and staff training programs, we help our clients avoid the costly pitfalls of navigating today's challenging employment environment by helping them understand their responsibilities around employment law and human resources issues that are critical to their business , including I-9 (immigration) compliance, sexual harassment and discrimination. In addition to employer education and staff training, we leverage our expert employment law and human resources advisory support services to evaluate our client's situation, and recommend in-house processes to better manage their exposure to costly audit risk.

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The Emerging Reality Of
Immigrant Hiring

The feds are coming after employers, so they better have their paperwork in order.
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Form I-9 Compliance Training

"The employment audit conducted by Brenda Smith saved my company over $50,000."

Ron Nilson
President of Ground Force Manufacturing